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Hiya there!

Welcome to my homepage! There’s not much here in English, since I’m currently focusing my writing efforts only to my first language which happens to be Finnish (aka The Grammar Nightmare). Either way, I’m going to tell you something about myself.

I am Aleksi Peura, MA (from the University of Helsinki, majoring in general history), and an author of both fiction and nonfiction. As of the moment of writing (summer 2018), I have three published books under my belt: Laulava ääni olkapäälläni (2013, Myllylahti Oy; detective/horror fiction), 189 (2015, Scarabe Kustannus; horror fiction) and Jumalan viholliset: Euroopan noitavainojen historiaa (2018, Like Kustannus; nonfiction about the witch-hunts). Generally speaking, I love books that do something different, try (even if they fail in the process) something new and avoid relying only on traditional, “proven effective” solutions – this is also something I try to advocate in my own writing. My first novel experiments with combining detective and (psychological) horror elements, second with horror and post-modernistic literary genres and the first nonfiction book twists the traditional tropes of popular history writing to their heads.

My interests in literature span from the most literary novels and philosophy to chick-lit and the pulpiest of the pulp speculative fiction. To me, anything goes as long as it is written decently enough; if the prose is trash, nothing can save the book from my fury. Generally speaking, I read roughly 50 books per year, not counting the ones I read as a research for my nonfiction-interests. If you want to keep track of my readings, I list and rate the books I read in Goodreads.

In addition to literature in general, my special interest is history, mainly medieval and early modern Europe. I wrote my Masters’ Thesis about James VI & I and his influence on English demonology (academic subject at the time mostly focused on witches) between 1584 and 1625. (If you want to read the thesis (it, too, is in Finnish), you can find it for free HERE. This subject naturally led me into writing a more general book about witch-hunts in Europe during the late medieval and early modern period – which is, as you probably guessed, Jumalan viholliset. Currently (summer 2018, still) I’m working on a new nonfiction book about a kinda similar subject.

Apart from my interest in literature and history, I’m also a long-time metalhead and I write record and gig reviews for the Finnish website (nowadays found at At the time of writing, I’ve written over 300 record reviews, 20-something concert reviews and couple of miscellaneous texts/reviews/interviews. I own roughly 1000 albums, dozens of band shirts and a collection of headphones for various purposes. If you happened to see me on the street, I’d have headphones on (blasting metal or a audiobook), band shirt or battle jacket (a cut-off covered in band patches), carrying an overloaded bag of books about some cunts who died 1000 years ago, and fingers following a riff or mouthing the lyrics to whatever I happen to be listening on. My favorite bands include the likes of Blind Guardian, Nevermore, Iced Earth, Psychework, Nightwish, Judas Priest, Motörhead and Summoning – lest we forget the untouchable King Diamond and his Abigail (1987). When it comes to metal, I have no actual preference since anything that presents a decent riff, melody, lyrics and/or the combination of the aforementioned, I’m open to it. Kinda like my attitude towards literature, come to think of it. Generally I gravitate towards the bands that manage to make music that is both catchy and progressive at the same time.

As a Finn, I’m not that good at talking about myself so I’m not going to go on a rant about what sort of a guy I am. I’m just a dude who’s interested in artsy-fartsy subjects and likes to challenge the solutions considered timeless and above improvement. I’m always on the lookout for something I’ve never seen before, something that gives a new twist to something familiar whilst maintaining the spirit of the original solution. I’m probably the only person who brings a Paul Auster paperback to the infield of Wacken Open Air Metal Festival. Sometimes I find myself thinking I have a sense of humor and that’s usually seconds before someone gets upset of me using expressions like “cunt” or “inside-out asshole of a human being” or “Sabaton isn’t that great of a band”.

Hope you enjoyed reading this little bio. If there’s something you wish to ask, tell me off for writing obscenities or just feel like chatting, please contact me by using the “Ota yhteyttä” -option on the top of the page! Looking forward to hearing from you!



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